Foreign Teachers Recruitment (2013)
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Foreign Teachers Recruitment
Xiangnan University is searching for 15 Foreign Teachers to  start teaching from Sept. 1, 2013.
Job description:

Contract period: Sep.1st, 2013-June 30th, 2014 and renewable based on mutual interests.

Work load: 16 class hours per week  (45 minutes per class hour),  if extra class hours  are needed, 80RMB will be paid for per class hour with your agreement.

Courses to teach: 
1.   Language teachers (English department):
Oral English, Western Culture etc.
2.   Teachers to teach other majors:
Courses to teach
Computer Science and Technology
Network Security
Violin or Ballet
Surgical Nursing, or Medical Nursing, or Basic Nursing
Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
 Monthly salary(RMB): 4000—4800 ( For Language teachers),
           4500—5900 (For Teachers to teach other majors)
 Cultural experience : provide travel to place of interest with a maximum value of RMB2200.
 Free furnished housing (private), facilitated with air conditioner, internet access, TV set, washing machine,  water heater,  fridge,  everyday furniture and cooking utensils.
 Monthly telephone allowance: RMB100
 Free round-trip airfare with a maximum of RMB12000(currently outside China) or one-way airfare with a maximum of RMB8000(currently in China)
 Medical and Accident insurance
1.   Applicants for Language teachers should have:

     At least a Bachelor’s Degree, better majors of linguistics, literature or education, etc;

     Better with qualifications of one of the following: TESOL, TEFL, ESL;

     Minimum two years of working experience;

     Native English speakers

2.   Applicants for teachers of other majors should have:

        At least a Master’s Degree in corresponding majors;

        Minimum two years of working experience;

        Proficient English level for both speaking and writing.

        Applicants should submit application letter, a curriculum vitae and a copy of degrees or teaching credential to Fiona.
Address: Eastern Wangxian Park, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, P.R.China.
Postcode: 423000,                 
Tel: 0086-735-2653223 (office) or 0086-18973518985(Mobile)
Fax: 0086-735-2653223.
Website of Xiangnan University:
Website of Chenzhou:
About Xiangnan University:
    Located in Chenzhou, Hunan province, Xiangnan Universitywith a history of over 100 years,  is a public university specializing in teacher-training and medical science.  It has an enrollment of 17048 full-time students, with library book collection of 1330,000 volumes. The university has a teaching faculty of over 780, 157 of whom are professors, archiaters, and researchers.   The campus is located at the foot of Wangxian Mountain,  air fresh,  
the environment elegant.
     The university consists of 20 departments which offer degrees in 33 majors,  covering fields such as art,  science,  medicine,  management, engineering, law, teacher-training,  economics and so on.  It  has  2  national  characteristic  majors  of Ministry of Education, 4 provincial key disciplines,  and 5 provincial characteristic majors. Men's basketball team of the university has got to the national top eight for 3 years in China University Basketball Association.
About Chenzhou city:
Chenzhou, located in the south of Hunan, is one of the top tourist cities of China.    It has a total population of 5.04 million and convenient transportations. It takes only 1 hour from Chenzhou to Guangzhou and Changsha by the high-speed train.  With more than   2000 years’ history, Chenzhou is rich in natural and tourist
 resources. It enjoys such reputations as “Hometown of Nonferrous Metals”, “Silver City in China”,   and “Major Forest Region in Southern China”.  Chenzhou is an ecological kingdom,  booming,    charming and open.
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